Megan Wilson Wedding Photographer Leicestershire

Hello! I’m wedding photographer Megan! I take photographs for lovely people who want authentic photos that capture the uniqueness of their wedding day. I live in Leicestershire but I regularly photograph weddings in Nottingham, Derbyshire and all over the Midlands. I love seeing new places so I’m happy to travel all over the UK and even overseas to capture your ‘I do’ day! So far I’ve been to Belgium, Italy and South Africa to capture some amazing couples!

 I love capturing the realness of love, with all its hidden giggles and imperfections. It’s those imperfections – the real moments – a tear rolling down a cheek, an epic dance move or a runaway flower girl – that make it all the more beautiful and special.

That moment

The laughter, the nerves, the excitement, the anticipation, while you get ready for that heart stopping moment, when you see the love of your life for the first time.

That moment

You have said “I Do” and you are wrapped up in each other. You feel joy, genuine, pure, absolute joy.

That moment

You are looking forward to enjoying the rest of your celebration, making wonderful memories. There are those stolen looks of love and giggles at in-jokes. There is a spark of fun in the air.

These moments hold the pure essence of love.

It’s my passion to capture these moments and make sure you can look back and remember those giggles, the myriad of emotions, the joy.

But most of all the love.

These moments. Mean. So Much.

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