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About me - Megan Wilson - Leicester wedding photographer



If for you, romance isn’t found in formal scenes with straight backs and forced smiles. And if you don’t see love in awkwardly posed pictures but instead cherish freedom and living in the moment then you have just found a kindred photographer in me.

I’ll photograph your wedding with the eyes of a close friend. Spotting connections,reactions and love.

I’m Megan, photographer, fluffy dog adorer and serial wedding blubber. I’m a South African girl, living here in the UK with love in my heart. My camera and I are all set and ready to record your story.

Throughout our journey together I’ll be your friend, your support and your guide.

I’ll photograph your wedding with the eyes of a close friend. Spotting connections, reactions and love. And right now, I’m here to help you make the right choice about your wedding photography so you get the photos you’ll love now and always.

Let’s dive in to the details...


I won’t make you stand in awkward poses, look uneasy or fake in my photos. I’m the gal who'll catch you in themoment; when you're laughing so hard tears are running down your face; when you catch a glimpse of each other and no-one else in the world exists. The natural, authentic and real emotions that tell the true story of your day.

Bright, beautiful wedding bouquet carried by bride who is sipping aperol sprits at Carriage Hall in Nottingham.

Only available for select dates

Whether it’s just the two of you on a romantic elopement, you and your besties doing it your way or a close knit family gathering, there’s something about an intimate wedding that makes my heart sing. It’s special, unique and gives you room to be completely you.

I also understand that you may not need a full day of photography so I've created a special rate, so you can choose to have me with you for as many or few hours as you like.

Fancy a little extra?

Engagement session

2 hours £350

1 hour £250

Additional Photography Coverage Time



"Her photos are fantastic, but she brings more than just that, coordinating with venues helping with timing and a great

person to have around on our special day...just bloody brilliant.”

Happily married couple laugh together while walking in the garden at Old Stables Swithland.

“You will go far to find a photographer as talented and invested in the couples she photographs! She is amazingly talented and to top it off she is fun and practical, even offering make up tips and assistance when crisis struck! She would be my choice every time!”


Awesome. Let’s get you in.

Reserving your wedding with me is easy - simply let me know you'd like to book me and if you have any extra requests and I’ll ping back a contract for you to sign and return via email along with a 30% deposit and we're all set.

And remember, whatever your plans for you wedding, grand or intimate, near or far I’ll be there to hold your hand every step of the way in the run up to your big day.

You’ll get advice and tips on making the most of your wedding photography with me and don’t worry if you’re not a natural in front of the camera, that’s my speciality. Trust me, you’ll feel at ease in no time.

Ready? Let’s get your wedding photography booked. Drop me an email at hello@meganwilson.net.

Megan xx