Boudoir Sessions

Every woman is beautiful. I really believe that. As women, we can be really critical and hard on ourselves but I think it’s time to change that. I want women to see what others see in them, I want them not just to feel beautiful but really experience it. This is what boudoir photography is about for me. I want to empower women and help them see how beautiful and incredible each woman is, regardless of what flaws she might see.

Every woman I’ve ever met has at least one thing she doesn’t like about herself, including me. Some women are better at embracing their perceived flaws but most women really struggle to see how beautiful they are. Society has created very specific guidelines about what is considered “beautiful” –  be thinner or more toned or only eat certain foods but these prescribed ideals are wrong. We are all beautiful regardless of size, colour, lumps, bumps, weight and/or height! We have the freedom to be who we are right now, exactly as we are and we’re allowed to love and celebrate our bodies, our minds and who we are as women.

Boudoir is an experience that’s uplifting and empowering. I want to create images that could be art – images that are beautiful, intimate and expressive with a hint of sass, fun and sensuality. I love the idea of creating images that are thought-provoking and really express who each woman is as a person. The aim is to have a fun experience, create beautiful photos that each woman will be proud of. I want every woman to walk away from the shoot feeling phenomenal, feeling confident and empowered by the experience.

Whether you want to give your significant other a special gift or if you want to do this just for you, this experience is about embracing yourself, flaws and all, and having fun while you do it. I’m really excited about boudoir photography and I just love seeing how empowered women feel during and after the session – it’s incredibly transformative! If you’d like to know more about my boudoir sessions, drop me an email.

You are beautifully unique, let's celebrate that!