Four women facing away from the camera throwing their bras in the air while standing in field of wheat.


This also means there’s no pressure to only be in lingerie. I’m happy to shoot clients in whatever makes them feel confident: be it a beautiful dress or a badass cape!

Whether you’re looking for a shoot for a special someone or as a gift to yourself; whether you’re looking to commemorate a special milestone or a growing bump, together, we’ll create a shoot that makes you look and feel radiant. Because – after all – you deserve it!

Glow shoots are my way of helping women harness that magic. These uplifting, empowering shoots are less about making you look a certain way, and more about making you feel a certain way: powerful!

They’re about honouring yourself and celebrating everything you are, instead of everything you think you ‘should’ be. In fact, Glow shoots are a totally ‘should-free’ environment; other than the one included in “You should be so proud of yourself, because you are killing it!”

Want to get your Glow on?

Heck Yes!